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Ash-Shifaa Home for children with special needs is a non fee levying Approved Charity which provides special education, rehabilitation and vocational training for children with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities to face all challenges and lead a successful life.

Our Goal is to make them independent by developing their skills. Since the establishment in 2003, Ash-Shifaa has been providing holistic services to destitute and underprivileged children through specialized methods of teaching. We serve by assisting the children to cope with life by providing a friendly platform to best use their hidden talents.

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The geographical location of the center is at Wellampitiya in the Kolonnawa electorate of the Colombo District. It is situated in the Colombo – Avissawella main road.

Ash-Shifaa - Children With Special Needs
69 Avissawella Rd, Wellampitiya 10600
Sri Lanka

Aims and Objectives

The essence of these objectives is to provide what ever education and training that could be imparted and who are admitted to this Institution to enable them to lead a comfortable life in spite of the their disabilities and to make them self reliant by developing what ever skills they posses .This is in effect mean by the development of disable persons to enable them to lead an Independent life with out being a liability to the society.

  • To associate and unite physically disabled individuals at a young age and help them to learn and adopt ways to cope and live with their disabilities
  • To provide facilities to help the disabled to become useful citizens
  • To secure their due rights and place in society
  • To affiliate with other schools in Sri Lanka and overseas to keep timely pace in achieving the goals of the school

Our Recognitions

  • An Approved Charity – recognized by the Ministry of Finance – Gazette No. 1907/18
  • A Non Governmental Organization – recognized by the National Secretariat for NGOs – Reg. No. L-91704
  • A Voluntary Organization to protect the rights of persons with disabilities – recognized by the National Council for Persons with Disabilities – Reg. No. MSS/NSPD/R121
  • A Home maintained for Elders and Disabled – recognized by the Department of Social Services – Reg. No. WP/SSD/C/DH/2011/16
  • A Muslim Welfare Organization – recognized by the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs – Reg. No. MRCA/13/6/CO/100


Our Needs

We are in need of implementing an income generating scheme to gain a permanent income to meet the monthly overheads of the center such as building rent, food, clothing, utilities, transport, stationery, wages etc.

A bare land to construct a permanent building or a suitable spacious building to accommodate the children.

A vehicle to fulfill the transport needs of the children.



Future Plans / Projects

As a Non Governmental Organization we understand that we can contribute in many ways towards the development of the country.
Therefore, we have plans to construct houses throughout the country for the homeless and to provide water with tube wells in the rural areas where there is desperate need for water. 

Our Services

The mentally Retarded

Children are taught by well trained teachers according to the advice programmers given from the Ceylon Association for the Mentally retarded by the Sumaga Training Centre, the Mentally retarded who are over eighteen years are entitled to receive their Vocational Training,such as Dress making,Tailoring Handicraft,Weaving Fabric Painting,Cookery, and Knitting

Sights/Vision impaired

These children are provided their education in a Braille form. The Physically disabled are taught the same Educational curriculum implemented by the Government of Sri Lanka, in addition, Tamil, Sinhalese, English and Arabic Language are too taught, besides Extra curricular activities such as physical fitness training sports etc.

The hearing impaired

At our centre are taught through sign language, lip reading and Cued Speech to communicate. Students are individually trained in speech Therapy too.

Medical facilities

If the child needs medical treatment then the child will be treated by a medical specialist or to the closest government hospital we organize medical and dental inspections annually by the provincial district officers and Organizations


When a schooling child He/ She needs rehabilitation is done if the child is suffering from hearing or sight impaired the required aid and medical treatment will be given if the child suffers with any other physical defects the child will be treated and trained to do their own work independently and physiotherapy is given to such child

Vocational Training

The disable and Mentally Retarded children who are over eighteen years –are trained in Dress Making, Tailoring, Embroidery work, Fabric painting,Pottery Painting, Cookery, Carpentry, Handicraft, Knitting . Flower Making and Patch Work etc

Clinical services menu

  • Psychological
  • Speech & language
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational
  • Physical education
  • Family support

School program menu

  • Early Intervention Unit
  • School Unit 01
  • School Unit 02
  • Autism Unit
  • Vocational unit


We encourage and welcome donations from everywhere in the globe whether big or small to carry out our current operations and future plans which can make a huge positive difference in the community.

May all the kind hearts and helping hands be blessed with all the goodness for contributing towards the betterment of the poor and needy children and families.

The Centre Maintains the Following Account:
  • Ash Shifaa  - Current A/C No 320100140006854   - Peoples Bank Golden Jubilee Branch


Contact Info

The Directress: Mrs. Fathima Nilufah Malik

Ash-Shifaa - Children With Special Needs
69 Avissawella Rd, Wellampitiya 10600
Sri Lanka
- +94 -112 547 887 & +94 77 350 4938
- ash.shifaa@yahoo.com
- www.ashshifaa.lk
- facebook.com/shifaahome
- Our Location: https://goo.gl/maps/11asRAKD4k82